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Learning is for everyone. Every 1st Monday of the month, this newsletter will connect you with free learning events and resources related to dog training, behavior and more! Only free resources are included, because cost should never be a barrier to learning.

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Dog Training

Free dog training resources that cover everything from basic pet dog behaviors to more complex things like reactivity. Free sport resources are also included when available, as that can be a really fun way for people to bond with their dogs.

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There are so many ways to provide enrichment for our furry friends. The newsletter often features easy, free and DIY ways to entertain our pups. Enrichment allows our dogs to express natural behaviors and relieve boredom to improve the quality of their lives.

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Free Stuff

Everything featured in the newsletter is free to access. This means there is no cost barrier to the information. Cost should not be a barrier to learning. If you find sources of information that you like and are able to, consider paying for some of the classes, webinars or things the source offers down the road.

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Who runs this newsletter?

My name is Ravenn. I run Please Pick Up Your Poop, LLC. I am a dog trainer, shelter volunteer and full-stack web developer. I created this newsletter to help fight misinformation in the dog community by providing people with free resources to learn about dog training and behavior.

Share your event or resource with us!

All events featured in the newsletter are free to attend. FREE does include donation based, as long as a donation is not required to attend the event or view the resource. All things related to dog training, behavior, enrichment etc. are relevent.

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